• Adriana Kliegman, Arsenio Garcia, Kevin Lozeau


The Frida Kahlo exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum is beautifully curated with the objects, clothing, paintings, jewelry, and other personal artifacts that contribute to her timeless and worldly recognized brand. Seeing these objects helps you understand the resilience of this wonderful artist. They were able to convey the energy of “La Casa Azul” in Coyoacán as if you were there.

Frida is an example of empowerment and turning life's hardships into your armor and strength. Due to a horrific accident as a young woman, she spent the majority of her life having to wear body prosthetics. This experience challenged her to develop a resilience that made her into an icon of feminism, Mexican culture, adaptability and inner strength. She personalized her braces like a warrior would polish his/her shield and armor before battle. It was an integral part of her commitment to remain strong and not let herself go.

Having contributed to the development of mass customized Spinal Wears™ for UNYQ, we immediately saw a parallel to their philosophy. Embrace your inner rebel. Embrace who you are. Become your own superhero! She is a wonderful example showing that no matter your condition and physical disadvantage, you can stand strong and fight your fight with your unique strengths and resilience. What would Frida Kahlo’s UNYQ Spinal Wear have looked like?